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KKB Card Verification Service


KKB Card Verification Service

KKB Card Verification is a service which is using in remote verifications. KKB Card Verification Service prevents card number abuses that may occur in the financial sector and creates an additional control step in cases where remote verification is required.

Card Verification Service is a verification web service that takes the customer's TR ID number and the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number to be queried and confirms online from banks whether the relevant information is compatible with each other. When the TR ID number and card number information entered in this service are matched, the information "match found" or "no match found" is returned.

Prevents any potential errors in money transfers.

Reduces operational costs.

Saves time.

Provides a secure transaction platform for customers.

Enhances customer satisfaction.

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Who Can Use

All KKB member institutions can receive the KKB IBAN Verification Service by obtaining the relevant service contract from their member representative or through the KKB Member Communication Center.