Privacy Policy

Within the framework of the basic principles stated below, KKB undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of member information it acquires or keeps.

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website of KKB Kredi Kayıt Bürosu A.Ş. (“Kredi Kayıt Bürosu” or “KKB” in short). This section covers policies on the personal information you provide on the website. Within the framework of the basic principles stated below, KKB undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of member information it acquires or keeps.

The declaration of information security on this page applies to all web pages owned by KKB and clarifies how personal information acquired for the use of web page contents is kept, protected, processed and shared as part of our activities under the governing legislation.

As part of its activities as an information sharing platform, KKB’s utmost priority is to ensure the confidentiality of all information on our system, including chiefly that of our members and other stakeholders. The entirety of the said information security measures applies to information flow of all practices of KKB.

Protection, Use and Sharing of Personal Data

As per Article 73/4 of the Banking Law No. 5411, KKB is a company established to provide all sorts of information and documents between credit agencies (deposit banks and participation banks) and financial agencies (agencies that carry out insurance, private pension or capital market activities or at least one of the activities stated in Banking Law, development and investment banks and financial holding companies; none of which are credit agencies). Our member agencies share credit information of their customers with each other under the same article of the said Law.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of visitors’ information shared online on its website, KKB constantly updates the encryption infrastructure in line with technological advancements and applies on its systems the most secure encryption methods currently accepted across the information industry. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology is used to ensure the effectiveness of security measures during acquisition or transfer of your personal information from member banks for our office activities, and sensitive information is transferred in encrypted form. SSL is a security protocol developed to ensure the confidentiality and security of network information transfers. SSL makes sure that the sent information is strictly and only decrypted at the right address. Before the transfer, the information is automatically encrypted and can only be decrypted by the right receiver. Verification is made by both parties to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the operation and the information.

SSL encryption also ensures online security for the Online Branch (Findeks) application you can access on our homepage. On the Online Branch, commercial information required on some web pages such as a credit card number is transferred by the SSL encryption technology.

Dynamic one-time password and two-factor authentication are used for web applications for members of KKB and BAT Risk Center (abbr. ‘RC’) founded as per Appendix 1 of Banking Law No. 5411.

KKB conveys all the data it is entrusted with in reliable channels on a multilayered structure built in its applications and system architecture and protects such data electronically under strong encryption standards.

In cases which third parties are involved with KKB to provide services, it is ensured that such companies abide by the privacy policy and conditions of KKB via privacy agreements or privacy provisions and additional security measures stated in agreements.

Access to member information by KKB staff is regulated on the basis of segregation of duties and with minimum authority required for a given operation.

KKB shares information acquired as part of activities stated above only with member banks and with official authorities upon legal requests. Additionally, when third parties in the real sector are enquired by corporate or individual members under Findeks Brand, information is shared only when the enquired person / agency gives approval. KKB may carry out the approval process in two ways. The first one involves pre-approval. The owner of the report may grant pre-approval by accessing the Sharing Settings on the Findeks Membership System and entering the Turkish ID Number or Tax Identification Number of the person or agency that requested the report. The second method involves logging in to the Findeks membership system, after which the owner of the report approves the verification SMS sent by KKB on the telephone number provided by banks.


Anybody that uses our website, member or otherwise, accepts that cookies, data that does not include personal information required for the running of our website, is saved and processed online. Cookies are small text files saved by websites on your computer that help adjust and display the given web pages in the best form. Websites owned by KKB do not use technologies that combine information on cookies with your personal user information and detect your identity or e-mail address. If you want to disable cookies on your computer, you can go to the browser that you have used to access our website and update the settings on cookies.

Privacy and Security

The Turkish ID Number and Password that enable access to the online branch is private information and must not be shared with third parties. KKB does not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for any faults related to the security, saving and protection from access and use by third parties. Member users accept their personal and exclusive responsibility for the security of such information, that KKB is under no circumstance responsible for a potential use of such information by other persons and that they will update the data on the system if their information has changed.

Limitation of Liability

The responsibility for the accuracy of the information the member provides to KKB rests with the member. KKB assumes that the information belongs to the member and that it is accurate.

KKB and/ or KKB employees may not be held responsible for any damage including but not limited to direct or indirect damage, loss or costs resulting from a performance failure, error, omission, interruption, flaw, delay in operation and or/ transfer, computer virus and/ or connection and/ or system failure.

Information on this website is given “as is” and “in their current state.” KKB does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy and completeness of such information and openly rejects any responsibility for potential errors or omissions. KKB does not give any explicit, implicit or legal guarantee including but not limited to non-violation of third party rights about the said information; ownership, salability, fitness for a certain purpose and/ or absence of computer virus.

The risk pertaining to the web links given on this website or to the web links on other websites lie with the user.

KKB reserves the right to change, without prior notice, all the products and services, pages, information and visual content on this website.

If you do not want to receive e-mails from KKB, you may contact us or refer to the cancellation of subscription available on the messages you receive from KKB.

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