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Inclination Scores


Inclination Scores

Calculated using statistical modeling of personal loan and loan application information in KKB’s database

Inclination Scores are scorecards that seek to predict customers’ inclination to use a new loan product in the next three months, based on their past behavior and their performance under the current loan products.

Credit ratings generated by credit bureaus differ from models developed by institutions specifically for their own portfolios, in that credit ratings reflect the profile of borrowers on a nation-wide basis. A key benefit of credit ratings is that they offer a comparative risk level of individuals against the country average.

Rapid access to customers through accurate product sale strategies

Reduced operation and communication costs through accurate customer selection

Easier and faster product target group selection

Added value to sales and marketing management accelerating sales

Lower customer dissatisfaction due to unnecessary product campaigns aimed at customers unlikely to use the product

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Who Can Use It?

All CRS user banks and consumer financing companies may benefit from Inclination Scores.