Corporations Eligible for Membership

  • Banks,
  • Financial leasing, factoring, forfeiting firms,
  • Financial institutions,
  • Consumer finance companies
  • Other *

* There are corporations that do not fall into above categories; these are grouped under the Other. For example; Credit Guarantee Fund, Istanbul Stock Exchange, Agricultural Credit Cooperative of Turkey etc.

Services for Members

KKB Kredi Kayıt Bürosu A.Ş. trains its members and transfers technical know-how to them regarding its services.

  • Technical know-how transfer during the transfer of member data to the CRS Database,
  • Presenting report on determining the quality of member data,
  • Presenting KKB information and experiences during the technical infrastructure works that the member will carry out to access KRS,
  • Presenting KKB experiences to the members to inform them about the exact stage to utilize KRS inquiry during the credit evaluation work flow,
  • Presenting KKB experiences for the programs that the member will develop to interpret the information obtained from KRS,
  • Delivering services to evaluate customer objections and correction faulty information.

Corporate Membership Criteria

Application Request:

First, a message regarding your application request is sent to


Upon the positive opinion of KKB, a letter of application, indicating also which services the member considers to use, is prepared and sent to KKB along with the list of documents below. All requested documents should be company stamped and signed by the persons indicated in the company’s authorized signatory list.

  • Application Letter
  • A copy of current trade registry gazette and the trade registry gazette that shows the establishment of the company,
  • Tax certificate,
  • Authorized signatory list of the company,
  • For relevant companies, document proving membership to the Association of Financial Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies,
  • Signed membership contract,
  • Signed additional letter of undertaking,
  • KKB Product and Information Sharing Contract (the contract should be two copies, each page duly signed and initialed, with the company stamp on the last page)
  • IP Notification Form,
  • Service Provider Document,
  • Certified Connection Form,
  • FTP Consent Authority Document,
  • Web Screens Consent Authority Document
Assessing the membership application:

Documents sent via post are assessed by KKB. For the applications to be valid, the operation permit of the leasing or factoring company in question should be granted by the BRSA and the company title should be listed on BRSA’s official web site. Factoring and Leasing institutions should also document that they are members to the Factoring Association or to Fider.

Finalizing the membership application:

If the application is deemed suitable, the membership contract, signed and sent by the candidate member in two copies, is notarized, and a notarized contract copy is issued and sent to the member. Along with the contract copy, an invoice for the half amount of the Stamp Tax and notary public expenses is also sent to the member. In the meantime, the information about the approved membership is shared with the IT Department and a user definition and password are created. Following this step, the membership is activated.

Other processes:

For further inquiries, please use the KKBBY platform; call Member Contact Center at 444 99 67 or contact your member representative.