Kredi Kayıt Bürosu

Annual Report 2020

25. Yıl


KKB serves individuals and the real sector, and especially the financial industry, with its innovative products and effective risk management solutions.


Products and Services

Kredi Kayıt Bürosu (KKB) was founded on April 11, 1995, as a partnership between nine leading banks. One of the long-established institutions in the finance sector, KKB has a total of 166 members, including 49 banks, 15 consumer finance, 55 factoring, 22 financial leasing, 5 insurance, 16 asset management companies, 1 resource organization, and 3 other companies as of December 31, 2020.

KKB conducted all operational and technical activities through its organization on behalf of the Risk Center of TBB and is providing data collection and sharing services to 181 financial institutions which are members of the Risk Center (RC).

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MembersProducts and servicesFindeks members~200 In 25 Years:80+ 4.4 MillionKKB Volunteers50+Total number of Findeks inquiries40.5 MillionThe Findeks QR Code Cheque Reg-istration System was introduced on January 1, 2018. The Electronic Letter of Guaran-tee project was launched. The first electronic letter of guarantee was issued on October 4, 2018.The Foreign Currency Credit and Income Inquiry System, which en-ables the instantaneous monitor-ing of foreign currency income and risks of companies, was introduced. Unpaid invoice information in the telecommunication sector was ob-tained and shared with the finan-cial sector. In the World Bank’s Do-ing Business Report, KKB received a comprehensive rating in terms of the scope and effectiveness of the credit bureau.Information contained in the Infor-mation System of the Tradesmen and Craftsmen (ESBIS) started to be shared with KKB members via MER-SIS.Data richness was ensured by intro-ducing leasing and factoring com-pany notifications into the Corpo-rate Bureau System.2018QR Code Cheque implementation became compulsory as of January 1, 2017. KKB’s Emergency Center moved to the KKB Anadolu Data Center, which was completed in Ankara.The “Audio Question Bank” was launched by KKB employees to pro-vide equal opportunity for visually impaired students.Force Majeure Inquiry and BKM Member Merchant Turnover In-formation Inquiry services were launched.Individual Inquiry Reports were put into service.Loan Utilization Instant Sharing Ser-vice (KAPS) was introduced.2017QR Code Cheque was enacted on August 9, 2016, with the announce-ment in the Official Gazette num-bered 29796.The construction and infrastructure of the Anadolu Data Center located in Ankara were completed.Cheque Analysis Portal was launched. Limit Control System (LCS) Customer Objections Han-dling System (MİDES) application was put into service.Collection Scores were introduced.Inclination Scores were rolled out.Commercial Credit Rating (CCR) Version 2 was put into service. The total number of annual transac-tions exceeded 1 billion.The social responsibility project ide-as competition “You Imagine, We Realize” was held for the third time.2016The Findeks QR Code Cheque Sys-tem was launched in collaboration with the Banks Association of Turkey.The National Fraud Detection and Prevention Service was launched.The Factoring Invoice Pool of the Association of Financial Institutions (FKB) was created.The foundation was laid for the Data Center, which will be built in Ankara. The Cross Cheque Relations Inquiry Application was launched.IBAN Verification Service was launched.The CRS daily sharing system went into service.The Real Sector Credit Assessment System, designed for the vehicle rental and leasing sector in col-laboration with the Auto Leasing and Rental Companies Association (TOKKDER), was launched.The second edition of the social re-sponsibility project ideas competi-tion, “You Imagine, We Realize,” was organized.2015The Findeks brand was introduced and launched. Findeks press launch was held. A 360-degree communications cam-paign was initiated. The first corporate social responsibil-ity project, You Imagine, We Realize,organized by KKB for all university stu-dents in Turkey, started. The website launched. Cheque Status Inquiry was launched. The Household Database and Trade Registry Sharing System (TRSS) was launched. The Loans Analysis Portal went live.The Address Processing System was launched.Letter of Guarantee Status Inquiry (LGSI) was launched.2014E-Reporting System was launched. Commercial Credit Rating (CCR) was launched. Credit Rating and Cheque Index started to be provided together with the Cheque and Risk Reports.E-Newsletter started to be sent to KKB members regularly. GeoMIS, the map-based report-ing service, was made available to CRS-member institutions. TARDES and GeoMIS websites went live. KRM data quality score rose from 80% to 90% with the support of member institutions.Personal Credit Rating (PCR) was opened for use with an upgraded fourth version.Following the agreement executed between the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) and KKB, works on the Risk Center commenced. The entire infrastructure and operation-related works were undertaken by KKB. The website was re-newed.2013Undergoing a period of rapid trans-formation, KKB set out to create a system for the real sector, similar to the closed-circuit system between banks. In parallel with the modified vision and needs, the organizational struc-ture was revamped, and new corpo-rate identity works were completed. Concrete steps were taken to launch the infrastructure of the Risk Center. Risk and Cheque Reports were intro-duced and the E-Reporting System, enabling electronic report requests and delivery, became operational.2012The “Bounced Cheque Query System” was launched for the inquiry of bounced cheque data, which are shared with the members on a daily ba-sis.2009With the addition of the data from Mortgaged Real Estate, Persons Banned from Partici-pation in Tenders, and Bounced Cheques to the Corporate Bureau Sys-tem (CBS), the database was enriched.The technical infrastruc-ture of SABAS was im-proved and integrated with the KKB system.2008The Internet Frauds Alarm System (IFAS) launched in February.2007MIDES, Information Verifi-cation, and the Emergen-cy Update System were converted into an online, interactive information exchange platform.The Limit Control System (LCS) was launched pur-suant to Article 9 of the Debit Cards and Credit Cards Law.2006The Corporate Bureau System was put into use for members in June.2005Individual Credit Score (ICS) was introduced.2004The Information Verifica-tion System (IVS) went into operation.2002Credit Account Records, as well as Credit Appli-cation Records, were opened to sharing in June.2001The Customer Objections Handling System (MIDES) launched in April and SA-BAS (Fraud Detection and Prevention System) went into operation in Sep-tember. In November, MIDES mi-grated to an electronic platform, making it possi-ble to reply to a custom-er’s objection within two hours maximum.2000The Credit Reference Sys-tem (CRS) launched in April.With an amendment to the Banking Law on December 17, 1999, in addition to insti-tutions such as banks, insur-ance providers, and con-sumer finance companies, other corporate enterprises deemed appropriate by the Banking Regulation and Su-pervision Agency (BRSA) are allowed to become mem-bers of KKB.1999KKB was established on April 11.19952020 KKB R&D Center was established. Turkish ID Number-GSM verifica-tion service was launched. Agricultural Loan Score was put into use. KKB Nova platform was put into service. KKB won a Silver Sardis Award for its Findeks Mobile Project. The “Findeks Renewed Mobile App Communications campaign re-ceived a Bronze Effie Award. KKB was awarded the first prize in the Future of Business - Metrics & KBIs” category at the IDC Turkey CIO Summit Awards. KKB’s Digital Transformation Pro-ject was awarded the second prize in the Digital Trailblazer” cat-egory at the IDC DX Awards 2020.Products and services that have become cornerstones in 25 years:Credit Rating, Risk Report, and Cheque Report: Supporting risk managementTARDES: Simplifying agricultural loan assessment process and im-proving farmers’ access to financial resourcesFindeks: Accessible control and management of financial life for in-dividualsQR Code Cheque System: Contrib-uting to a more transparent and safe growth of trade with this sys-tem - the first and only of its kind in the worldThe Electronic Letter of Guaran-tee: Abandoning traditional pa-per-based letters of guarantee and transferring the entire process to an electronic environmentKKB Anadolu Data Center: Turkey’s eco-friendly, highly technological, LEED Platinum, Tier IV, and Environ-mental Management certified data center, which is the pioneering digi-tal fortress thanks to environmental and physical safety measuresKKB R&D Center: A center that re-sponds to changing business mod-els with fast and continuous inno-vation using digital technologiesThe renewed Findeks Mobile App was made available for users. BRSA Product and Service Fees Por-tal went live.“Retrospective CRS Inquiry” and “Provision of Risk Center Report via E-State Gateway” were introduced on behalf of the TBB Risk Center.Efforts were initiated to establish an R&D center.At the Sardis Awards, the QR Code Cheque System Project won the Golden Sardis, and the Electronic Letter of Guarantee Project won the Silver Sardis.The Audio Question Bank Project won the Innovation Award at the TİSK Corporate Social Responsibili-ty Awards. The project also won the Gold Award in the Social Respon-sibility Projects Communication category at the Istanbul Marketing Awards, and the Grand Prize as a company adding value to sustain-able development goals.2019


We hope that “The History of Cheques in Turkey, From Past to the Present” will shed light on future generations and the finance world.

KKB is happy and proud to work for a stronger and greater Turkish economy for 25 years. Since our establishment, we work to minimize the uncertainties in commercial life and turn data into a secure future, thanks to our qualified team and know-how.

Every day, we offer a new value-added product and service for all sectors, especially the banking and financial sector, and we pursue our mission to facilitate the lives of our stakeholders with the power we derive from technology. In addition to the financial services we offer and the trust we create in commercial life, we also participate in social projects to benefit Turkey.

In cooperation with the History Foundation, we tell the long story of cheques, one of the most important means of payment in the commercial life, in the book named “Geçmişten Günümüze Türkiye’de Çekin Tarihi” (The History of Cheques in Turkey, From Past to the Present), which we prepared to commemorate the 25th anniversary of our organization. We wish it sheds light on future generations and the finance world and inspires similar studies. Our book has already taken its place as a reference work in all university and public libraries in Turkey. It is also available to all stakeholders on

While developing innovative products and services for the growth of the national economy and the dissemination of secure trade activities in the real sector with the same enthusiasm since our first day, we will always be part of creative projects.


KKB has achieved successful operational results in 2020 with its innovative products and services.

Individual Bureau Inquiries (Million Units) 421 445 488 553 631 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
140 173 197 216 LCS Inquiries (Million Units) 263 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Corporate Bureau Inquiries (Million Units) 18 30 40 54 73 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Produced Cheque Reports (Million Units) 30 45 47 46 53 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Individual Credit Ratings (Million Units) 365 375 408 466 528 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Produced Risk Reports (Million Units) 13 15 17 15 17 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
54Banks 15 Consumer Finance 55 Factoring 22 Financial Leasing
10 Insurance 4 Other 18 Asset Management Companies *178 Total Number of Members

As of 31 December 2020, the number of KKB members is 166 and this figure identifies the members who are served through the Risk Center.


KKB was founded with the partnership of nine leading banks.

Arif Çokçetin


Celebrating our 25th anniversary, we focused on sustainability and the future of the financial ecosystem in 2020. We continued to bring together financial data and technology while keeping the technology at the center of our business and move forward with the fast and accurate decisions we made.

Arif Çokçetin
Chairman of the Board

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Kasım Akdeniz


As the symbol of trust in the finance sector for the last 25 years, KKB implements projects that transcend borders in cooperation with other international credit bureaus.

Veysel Sunman
Board Member and General Manager

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Board of DirectorsGeneral ManagerAudit CommitteeInternal Audit DepartmentInformation Technologies and R&D DepartmentFinancial Reporting and Financial Affairs DepartmentRisk Center Coordination DepartmentKKB and Findeks Business Management DepartmentKKB Product Management and Development DepartmentInternal Control DepartmentRisk Management DepartmentHuman Resources DepartmentRegulatory Compliance, Legal and Operations DepartmentDepartment of Corporate Strategy ManagementIT Control UnitProject, Analysis, and R&D Management UnitProcurement and Contract Management UnitInformation Systems Control UnitHuman Resources UnitRisk Center Product Management and Development UnitInformation Security Management UnitRegulatory Compliance & Legal UnitCRM Management and Digital Channels UnitProduct Development UnitSoftware Development UnitFinancial Affairs Management UnitSecurity UnitMember Organizations Support UnitCorporate Architecture and Process Management UnitAnalytical Model Business Development UnitSales Management UnitIT Infrastructure and Operation UnitService Management UnitIT Analysis and Test Management UnitBudget and Reporting UnitBusiness Processes and Financial Control UnitAdministrative Affairs UnitBusiness Intelligence, Reporting and Data Quality UnitCorporate Risk Management UnitOperations Center UnitCorporate Communications UnitProduct Management UnitData Warehouse ApplicationsMainframe and Artificial Intelligence TechnologiesTechnology Architecture Management UnitFinance and Business Units Audit UnitMember Audit Analysis and Coordination Unit


KKB Anadolu Data Center is the first data center in Turkey to be entitled to receive the LEED Platinum Green Building certificate.


Kredi Kayıt Bürosu provides products and services to the finance and real sector.


KKB offers extensive data collection on credit risk analysis to the members with all operational and technical activities conducted as an agency of the Risk Center of the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB).


Since 2014, Findeks financial services platform has offered solutions that manage financial life for individual customers and the real sector.


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“You Imagine, We Realize” Competition for Social Innovation Ideas

“You Imagine, We Realize” competition for social responsibility project ideas has enabled institutions to find a funding opportunity for their social responsibility projects since 2014. The competition also raises the KKB employees' awareness on social responsibility.

The “You Imagine, We Realize” contest focuses on social innovation in its seventh year.

One in every three visually impaired used the resources in the Audio Question Bank to prepare for university exams.

The Audio Question Bank

In the 2016 “You Imagine, We Realize” contest, the “Audio Question Bank” project won the “Education” category first prize with the highest score. The project now aims to create personal, professional, and academic learning environments for visually impaired individuals based on equality of opportunity.

One in every three visually impaired used the resources in the Audio Question Bank to prepare for university exams.

A Breath for the Future Forestation Campaign

As part of the social mobilization for a greener Turkey, KKB supported the “A Breath for the Future” campaign to help recover the forests destroyed by the fire in Hatay. A total of 5,000 saplings were donated on behalf of all KKB employees and their families to leave a greener world for future generations.




KKB implements its socially-beneficial projects with the voluntary contributions of over 50 KKB employees.

KKB Volunteering Platform

Putting social responsibility at the core of all its operations, KKB implements socially-beneficial projects with the voluntary contribution of KKB employees.

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, Keep the Children Warm

The first project of the KKB Volunteering platform was the “Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, Keep the Children Warm” project, which was the 2019 winner of the “You Imagine, We Realize” project in the Social category. The project, which aims to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and slow down its course with knitting activities, also aims to deliver knitted products to children in Ağrı to help them keep warm. The project was launched in January 2020, and just in one month, approximately 200 scarves, winter hats, jumpers, and socks were knitted and delivered to the children in Ağrı by 26 KKB Volunteers.

KKB’s Running Team

KKB’s Running Team ran at the Runatolia 2020 marathon held on February 29, 2020, to raise donations for the TEMA Foundation. KKB’s Running Team ran all 10 km as part of the half marathon and collected donations. Every 100 TRY collected by the team contributed to a child’s participation in the Forest Ecosystem Nature Education, and to the creation of a Children’s Memorial Forest.