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TBB Risk Center Services


TBB Risk Center Services

Services provided as an agency of the Risk Center of the Banks Association of Turkey

Operational and technical activities undertaken as an agency of the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) Risk Center aim to provide to members a substantial pool of information to guide their credit risk assessment processes, contributing to the implementation of effective risk management mechanisms and bringing about a more efficient management of financial exposure.

As part of these activities, KKB prepares and publishes periodical statistical reports using risk data collected from lending institutions and other financial actors.

The Risk Center Customer Report service provides natural and legal persons with reports related to their own financials that have been consolidated within and shared with the members of the Risk Center.


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Commercial Credit Rating is calculated based on the variables that best indicate the company in question’s creditability, using loan, company, collateral and cheque-related information regularly supplied by banks to KKB.