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Anadolu Data Center


Anadolu Data Center

Set to take finance and information technologies to the next level, the KKB Anadolu Data Center is the new digital fortress of Turkey.

Established by KKB on a 43,000-sqm land in Ankara, the KKB Anadolu Data Center was completed by the end of 2016, and is now fully operational. Designed primarily with the purpose of meeting backup and main data center service needs of banks, the Data Center will also serve as a data hub for sharing infrastructure costs and centralizing operational activities in the finance sector.

Offering cutting-edge technologies to the service of financial institutions in Turkey, the Center will also deliver to sector institutions cloud-based services that will be developed in compliance with applicable financial legislation. Real sector organizations will also be able to enhance their productivity by accessing technology at low costs via the same platform. The KKB Anadolu Data Center currently comprises a data center, support building and a customer operations center, with the option to expand with two additional data centers and another support building.

Equipped with the latest technologies, and designed at LEED PLATINUM level for the highest environmental focus and energy efficiency and TIER IV level in terms of functional standards, the KKB Anadolu Data Center is an exemplary facility that sets and develops upon KKB’s high standards

Location & Facility: The Data Center is established upon 43,000 square meters of land in Ankara, and is equipped with lightning and earthquake protection systems.

Data Center Area (System Room): The Data Center’s power and data cabling utilize a cabinet system, and access to data room requires biometric authorization.

Power Infrastructure: Operating at TIER IV level, the highest for data centers, the facility features its own power facility in order to achieve redundancy and eliminate down-time.